As we are hosting our first Surfasana retreat in the Caribbean’s this weekend, we wanted to dive with you into the benefits of this unique practice integrating yoga, surfing, and meditation.

It is now commonly recognized and scientifically validated that yoga and meditation are extremely beneficial to your mental and physical health, as well as your general well-being.

But why converge a free-spirited practice life surfing with two ancient philosophies? Why weave together all 3 practices in one?

Because their complementarity goes far beyond the simple feeling of wellbeing.

SurfasanaBeyond the physical benefits of yoga, meditation and surfing, all three practices independently enable to better cope with stress, to steel yourself for challenges, and to go beyond one’s own limits – not just during practice, but also in life and in business.

Indeed, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, 86% of American adults who practice yoga said it helped reduce stress, 82% said it improved overall health and made them feel better, while another 59% said it improved sleep.

These benefits extend beyond the personal realm to have a direct effect in the workplace. Indeed, according to a Workplace Health & Safety study, yoga practice is highly effective in reducing workplace burnout and increasing productivity as yoga is generally known for helping unclutter your mind and sharpen your focus.

Also, according to the Industrial Psychiatry Journal, it also helps reduce workplace hostility and mitigates ‘counterproductive work behaviors’ such as absenteeism, theft, lack of effort, verbal abuse and disengagement.

According to Psychosomatic Medicine, meditation on its own positively impacts the brain and immune function. And it enhances creativity (The Creative Brain Lab, Northwestern University), helps sharpen focus, boosts memory and attention (Daniel T. Gilbert & Harvard University).

As for surfing, beyond its fun, free-spirited, environmentally-conscious philosophy – which, in our humble opinion, are values to be cherished and cultivated – according to the International Journal of Exercise Science, just a 30 minute surfing session is enough to increase perceived positive affect & tranquility and reduce negative affect & fatigue.

Can you imagine the outcome if you weave together all 3 practices in one…?!

SurfasanaIn the end, it’s not about the size of the wave, as we might not all be able to surf giant waves. It’s not about accomplishing the most intricate asana, as we might not all be able to stretch and twist our body in multiple ways. But we can all embrace the intention and dedication to get there.

In the end, it is about cultivating a steady mind, a sound body, mindful living and a deep connection with the elements and our environment. It is about the humbling journey to, through, and long after riding a wave, through life in a continuous flow.

Spearheaded by Thierry Daher, Founder of Positive Solutions, Surfasana was created with the intention to grow consciousness so as to adapt to the ever-changing waves that life constantly throws at us, to go from the mat to the waves and through life, in a continuous flow.

An intimate, immersive and fun practice to unplug from our daily grind and reconnect with ourselves and the elements.

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