As for many of you, this is not the first time I go through a major crisis that directly impacts a business I have started, worked very hard for, invested in, and nurtured for years. Yet I believe whether the business will survive the current crisis or not is beyond the point today, as so much is out of our hands. There is little we control in this current crisis. And most of what is at stake in the next weeks and months is worse than economic loss. So much worse that personally I have decided to let go, observe, and wait until the dust settles down so we can see clearly again. Stand still, conserve energy, save cash, and take care of my staff the best way I can. [...]

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As we are hosting our first Surfasana retreat in the Caribbean’s this weekend, we wanted to dive with you into the benefits of this unique practice integrating yoga, surfing, and meditation. It is now commonly recognized and scientifically validated that yoga and meditation are extremely beneficial to your mental and physical health, as well as your general well-being. But why converge a free-spirited practice life surfing with two ancient philosophies? Why weave together all 3 practices in one? Because their complementarity goes far beyond the simple feeling of wellbeing. Beyond the physical benefits of yoga, meditation and surfing, all three practices independently enable to better cope with stress, to steel yourself for challenges, and to go beyond one’s own limits – not just during practice, but also in life and [...]

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