On March 18th, the Dominican government closed its borders in response to the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic. For Cabarete, a small town on the North Coast and home to Positive Solutions’ founder Thierry Daher, this has led to an overwhelming unemployment rate of 80%. With an estimated 65% of the local population relying on tourism, the community has suffered a major economic shock, leaving many people with no income.

In short: today there are approximately 10,000 residents in Cabarete with very limited access to food.

In response to this crisis, a grassroots coalition of local NGOs, farms, supermarkets, volunteers and elected officials have come together to form Cabarete Sostenible. The aim of this coalition is two-fold:

  • In the short term: to purchase and distribute nutritious food ration packs to the neediest in the community, at a low cost of just $4 per person per week..
  • In the mid to long term: to develop community gardens, permaculture farms and food education programs to make Cabarete completely food sustainable in times of crisis.

The Positive Solutions team is proud to be donating our marketing and content creation services to Cabarete Sostenible. This video, directed and produced by Thierry Daher, sets out the urgent need for these food sustainability programs in Cabarete and breaks down the coalition’s goals.

Would you like to help Cabarete Sostenible? Donations of any size are both welcome and significant: as little as $15 USD is enough to feed one family for a whole week. To donate, please visit: www.cabaretesostenible.org/donate