A white paper and article series – by Thierry Daher & Positive Solutions

As we went through 2018, it gradually appeared to me that beyond the evident conflicts  and divisions that seem to dominate our world, and cluster the news media headlines, there is in fact a deeper, powerful and more conscious reality that is starting to emerge.

As we are now taking our first steps into 2019, I would like to point out an alternative trend to the relentless tech-accelerating, attention-grabbing, consumption-driven spiral we often seem to be sucked in. One that I believe is emerging everywhere in the economically-developed world, growing and expanding its social and economic power. To the point where brands are starting to notice, and start to abide by, the hopes and expectations of this new generation.

           That alternative trend I will call “The Rise of the Conscious Consumer”. As that consumer is no longer interested in abusive, meaningless, for-profit-only consumerism.  

So together with our team at Positive Solutions (special thanks to Jamie Barr & Julie Benasra), we researched and analyzed all sorts of recent published studies and articles by the likes of Harvard Business Review, the Center for Economic Studies, Unilever, TetraPak, Edelman, Yale U., George Mason U., Havas, Omnicom, Nielsen, Gallup and more.

What emerged is a clear and somehow surprising picture of today’s evolution of consumer behaviors and expectations toward brands, and of the undeniable trend shaping over the last 5 years. A social activist, often environmentally engaged and purpose-driven, this new player represents more than a $1 trillion opportunity for companies who are willing to use their scale and marketing power to do good in the world, and communicate about it.

But the language spoken here goes beyond traditional product-centric communication, or profit-first intentions.  It requires, among other things, the candid creation and the strategic distribution of Positive Brand Content.

           And so, over the next few days and weeks, we will be painting the portrait of this ‘Conscious Consumer’ for you – by sharing some of the key insights and strategic thoughts we uncovered. And hopefully, you too may start to take notice and, we hope, take action!

          So, stay tuned for our next chapters, and if you cannot wait for the entire series to unfold, no worries – you can already download the entire White Paper for free in one click.

           Wishing you a beautiful and very, very, VERY HAPPY year 2019!

Thierry Daher – January 9th, 2019