If you could invest in a technology that generates a 12% bump in productivity[1], help beat the competition’s ROI by 3%+[2], while being sure to make your employees, executive team and/or colleagues much, much happier (and yield profit for yourself) … would you go for it?

My personal answer was … YES, of course! And as life gave me with the opportunity, I decided to turn it into my next start-up. One that will make a real positive difference for the world and make me a happier person. The perfect venture. And this is why, last September 2017, I got together with my longtime friend and talented film director, Julie Benasra, to create Positive Solutions.

Positive Solutions is a new kind of talent management agency, representing some of the world’s top creative, business, and innovative minds who have a positive impact on humans or on the planet. We also produce and distribute films, documentaries and branded content to support our mission. In short, we help the best help others… through science-based happiness training, creative design-thinking, world-class innovation techniques, and innovation lab design. And more to come.

The two first exceptional individuals we are proud to represent are Mr. Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer, Google[x]and Mr. Duncan Wardle, former VP of Creativity & Innovation, The Walt Disney Co.

Positive Solutions Talent Agency

As Chief Business Officer of Google[X], Mo Gawdat designs and implements business models for Google’s “moonshot factory” responsible for some of the company’s most audacious tech projects, such as self-driving cars and a balloon-powered global internet.

Before he joined Google[x], Mo was one of the leading drivers in Google’s global expansion, starting and running the offices of the company in 50 countries – almost half of Google’s worldwide operations.

But when his 21-year-old son Ali died during a routine surgical operation in 2014, Mo turned to the ‘happiness equation” they had worked on together, in an attempt to come to terms with his tragic loss. His bestseller book, Solve for Happy, (released in 30+ countries) reveals the theories supporting his equation and is the first step in Mo’s personal “moonshot project” to make 1 Billion people happy on the planet. Mo has also developed a “Happiness @ Work” method and training course with which he trained over 2,000 Google employees (94% of them rated his course as “5 stars”), and executives from Citi Group, UBS, SaleForce.com, Visa and other global brands.

We are currently producing innovative events with Mo in the US and in Europe in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, happiness at work, and working on custom training programs for major corporations, while assisting with Mo’s personal brand marketing. Please contact us for more information on how to work with Mo Gawdat.

Positive Solutions Talent Agency

Leaning on 25 years with the world’s most creative organization, the Walt Disney Company, most recently as Vice President of Innovation & Creativity, Duncan Wardle has developed a unique design-thinking innovation toolkit that marries strategic thinking with creative ideation and consumer insight to deliver amazing, meaningful and measurable results.

Duncan’s design thinking model places the end-consumer at the core of its process, giving brands a competitive advantage that instantly propels the future of their business. Duncan helps companies, brands and individuals overcome their own expertise and think differently about creative solutions to challenges, big and small. Duncan has recently positively helped brands like Coca-Cola, Ford, Dow-Dupont, Forbes and Johnson & Johnson, to mention just a few.

Prior to leading the Creativity & Innovation division of Disney, Duncan was Vice President of Global PR for Disney Parks for nearly 20 years, creating and igniting some of the most innovative & successful campaigns for the Disney brand in the US, Europe and Asia.

For those of you who may be interested in bringing either one of these two brilliant minds in your company to talk to/train your staff and executive teams in the areas of happiness, innovation and/or creativity, we would be delighted to discuss how Positive Solutions can custom-design a program that fits not only your brand culture but answers your company’s challenges at hand.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and start a conversation.



[1] Happiness & Productivity Study, Warwick University 2014.

[2] Wellbeing & ROI, A. Edmans, London Business School & L. Li, London School of Economics