Let’s get radical

Moonshots are those ‘once in a lifetime’ innovations that change the world as we know it and solve big problems, helping humanity. Everything that we have seen in sci-fi programs as children is now part of our lives today, and we often take it for granted.

In the last 20 years we have put all our technology or most of it on the Internet, so we now have a democracy of information that is very different than how previous human generations grew up with before. As a result, innovation is now coming from everywhere, from startups and remote labs, rather than from governments or big companies. And the latter must change the way they have been innovating in the past if they want to survive, while small companies and individuals will keep feeding them innovation.

So, can we invent differently than the way we have been doing it before?

10%? How about 10X?
Get radical.

There’s a major distinction between radical innovation and incremental innovation.

The first one is innovation unlike any that was done before, while the other is adding more horses to the car. To go for radical innovation, you need to find an affinity to the problem, not to the solution. Radical innovation is not about improving a process or a product by 10% or 30%. That’s not radical at all.

Radical is improving by 10x. Solving a problem radically and forever. Unless you aim to change things tenfold, then it is not worth your innovation, time or effort.

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Machine learning / Artificial Intelligence, which will make our computers infinitely smarter than we are to the point AI may be the last human innovation. Reaching that point of singularity beyond which we can no longer see.

Robotics, which is often misunderstood as hardware progress (in most sci-fi movies and press reports), when it is actually software-driven.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, which is rapidly building an alternate immersive world that may soon, in some cases, make us believe that virtual reality is better than actual reality.

Now think what your business will look like in 2030 or 2040 when impacted by these technologies?


Mo Gawdat is available for select engagements, to work with brands and organizations to create a culture of radical innovation to help solve major problems affecting humanity. Some of his interventions include:

  • Moonshot innovations keynotes and workshops

  • Developing & deploying innovation labs, inspired by Google[x] and other leading innovators

  • Innovation leadership consulting and training on specific innovation programs