Even in the office!

Born Happy: A lot of our understanding of what happiness is and where to find it is distorted. Instead of looking for happiness in the accumulation of wealth, success, or fame, we need to understand the fact that happiness is our default state as humans. As simple as that. Look at a baby or a toddler, as long as he has his basic needs, he’s always happy. That’s because happiness is where it’s always been: inside us. It’s our default setting. So if we strip away the reasons for unhappiness. What is left is uninterrupted happiness.

Think Happy: It is not the events of our lives that make us unhappy, but the way we think about them that matters. Once the thought goes or changes, the suffering disappears. So, a slight change in the way we think has a drastic impact on our happiness, and the happiness of those around us.

Make it your priority and it’ll happen. But knowing what makes you fit (eating healthy, exercising regularly) is not enough to be fit. Knowing what makes us happy is not sufficient to be happy. We have to work at it. Allow your thoughts to be affected by illusions and you’ll always be in a state of confusion. Likewise, if you think negative thoughts, you will end up suffering. Think positive thoughts and you’ll reach a state of happiness. It’s really that simple.

But if you’re committed to prioritizing happiness and working on it daily, you’ll see that it very quickly makes a real difference in life, at home and at work.

So we offer leadership training to Mo Gawdat’s innovative and practical happiness technique as well as helping deploy it across an organization. We believe it is one the best investment a brand, a government, a company and a person can make in today’s world.

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Dozens of scientific research studies over the last 10 years prove that happier employees are more productive, more creative, change jobs less often and contribute to make organizations more profitable in the long run. In short, happiness pays.

That’s why Mo Gawdat focuses his method on specific aspects that impact happiness at work, to address the daily challenges faced by employees, managers and executives. This is a win-win for employees, employers, and investors.


Let’s talk happy. Mo Gawdat is available to discuss and activate happiness and innovation-driven programs in committed organizations. If you are interested in discussing how happiness and innovation can help your company, let’s talk. Please feel free to contact us.